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Curriculum Vitae

I am a Computer Science student and professional, passionate about distributed systems, their scaling and performance. I apply my technical knowledge to design solutions, develop systems and perform research to solve real-world challenges in an efficient way.

My background

My journey began in Guatemala, where I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. It was a great environment for learning, not only about algorithms, compilers and databases, but also for exploring other interests like physics and literature. During 2015-2017 I studied a master's degree in Pervasive Computing and Communications, with the support of a scholarship from the European Commission, gaining a wealth of experiences about our diverse, connected world.

My close involvement with the Physics department and the Astronomy club led me to explore the cloud, clusters, information systems and simulations early on during my education, while we tried to join the LAGO project in an environment with unique challenges. In 2014 I did a summer internship in the Mexican CIO Research Institute for Optics, working with genetic algorithm in one of the largest computer clusters in Latin America

From 2016 I've had the opportunity to contribute to open source projects like Ceph through Google Summer of Code.

During Summer 2017 I worked at CERN in the IT-CM-RPS (cloud infrastructure) team, as an Openlab Summer Student. I worked with Openstack Murano at CERN, contributing some patches to the Openstack community and deploying Murano in CERN's production environment.

I have worked as a software engineer in the telecommunications industry from 2013 to 2015 and from 2018 I will be working as a software developer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Other interests

I'm always up for grabbing some filter coffee, travelling to new cities and hiking around volcanoes when I have the chance.